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Tablet Radio

The NARF Tablet Radio is a free and robust application that enables you to listen to web radio streams on Honeycomb tablets. It includes a home screen widget that can be used to start and stop the playback with a single click. Furthermore, it can be flexibly configured to play any web radio stream. 
The core features include:
  • Single click playback by means of a home screen widget
  • Configurable stream url to support arbitrary radio stations
  • Automatic reconnection to allow distraction-free listening
  • WLAN and CPU locking to support continuous playback
  • Direct launch through the Android clock
  • 2-click import of online radio stations through pls and m3u support
  • Direct playback of mp3 files from other apps such as the browser or Google Reader
  • Integration with Sony SmartWatch to control the playback and to display meta data
  • Preconfigured radio stations (Germany: 1LIVE, Antenne Bayern, Bayern 3, BigFM, Das Ding, Fritz, HR1, HR2, HR3, HR4, Rock Antenne, SWR1, SWR2, SWR3, SWR4, WDR2, WDR3, WDR4, WDR5; Switzerland: DRS1, DRS2, DRS3, Energy Dance, Energy German, Energy Zürich, Radio 24 Live, Radio 24 Rock, Radio Swiss Classic, Radio Swiss Jazz, Radio Swiss Pop; Austria: 98.3 Superfly, FM4, Hitradio OE3, Kronehit, Radio Österreich 1, ORF Radio Wien, Radio Melody; Great Britain: Absolute Classic Rock, Absolute Radio, Absolute Radio 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s, Capital FM Manchester, Chill, Heart London, JACK fm Bristol, The Hits Radio, XFM London)
At the present time the tablet radio is localized to English and German. If you want to contribute another localization, read the feedback section below. 


The pictures below are screenshots taken using a Sony Tablet S. The first one on the left shows the help window that explains the basic functionality. The second one in the middle shows the radio widget and the notifications created by it. The third one on the right shows the configuration screen.



The NARF Tablet Radio is available on the Android market. It is free and does not contain advertisements (and never will).


  • 1.0: Initial (beta) version localized in German.
  • 1.1: Dropped beta tag, improved responsiveness, additional radio stations, English localization, added playback button to settings screen.
  • 1.2: Improved robustness on disconnects (updated wifi locking scheme to stop the device from turning off wifi during reconnects).
  • 1.3: Improved robustness on disconnects (added CPU locking to prevent device from turning off CPU during reconnects).
  • 1.4: Added support for all Honeycomb tablets (thank you Wolfgang!)
  • 1.5: Added ~30 built-in radio stations.
  • 1.6: Added ~15 built-in radio stations. Added scroll bars in help dialog to support 7" screens (thank you Wolfgang!). Modified notification text to display the number of connection attempts (if number is >1). Added integration with Android clock application to allow direct launching of radio when I get up in the morning.
  • 1.7: Integration with web sites that aggregate thousands of radio stations by supporting m3u and pls playlists. Integration with apps that provide links to mp3 files, e.g. browser, etc. (I am using that to listen to podcasts that I launch from Google Reader - I would prefer to use Google Listen but that seems pretty broken on Honeycomb).
  • 1.8: Various layout changes and bugfixes to support ICS phones as well.
  • 1.9: One-click retrieval of stream-specifc meta data headers (e.g. song title, station name, station web site, bitrate, sampling rate, channels) using shout cast protocol. Note that unfortunately not all providers support all headers.
  • 2.0: Added integration with Sony SmartWatch. Enable and disable the playback and display the current radio station's meta data on the watch.
  • 2.1: Added radio controls to medadata view to enable control when using metadata view as default view for the radio service notification.
  • 2.2: Fixed broken upload of 2.1.
  • 2.3: Added user-defined favorites as requested by Michael. Thank you for the feedback. Bugfix in preference defaults that caused crash upon reconnect.
  • 2.4: Changed stream url of SWR3 to akacast. Added Russian translation by Igor. Fixed two device-specific bugs in meta data retrieval and preference activity code.
  • 2.5: Bugfixes in Russian translation.