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File Manager

The NARF File Manager is a free and (hopefully) robust application that enables the user to manage files and folders on Android devices. The file manager has a built-in clip board to support fast copying, moving* and extraction of multiple files. It acts as a zip file previewer for the email application*. Furthermore, it supports searching** for file and folder names and it can display thumbnails of images***.
 In addition, the file manager supports the following actions:
  • Navigate: Browses the contents of a folder or zip archive
  • Open: Opens a file in the default application.
  • Open...*: Opens a file in one of the applications that can handle the type.
  • Rename: Changes the name of a file or a folder.
  • Delete: Deletes a file or a folder recursively.
  • Send: Attaches a file to an email.
  • Unzip: Extracts a zip archive recursively in its parent folder.
  • Zip: Creates a zip archive from a file or folder.
At the present time the file manager is localized to English and German. If you want to contribute another localization, read the feedback section below. The file manager has been tested on Android 1.6 but since it uses mainly standard Java APIs, it may work on later versions as well.

* These features are not available in versions below 1.1.
** This feature is not available in versions below 1.3.
*** This feature is not available in versions below 1.5.


The pictures are some screenshots of the NARF File Manager that are created on an Sony Xperia X10 mini pro. The screenshots show the application in portrait mode. Thereby, they show the context-sensitive action menu, the dialogs during background processing and the persistent user preferences.


The NARF File Manager is available on the Android market. It is free and does not contain advertisements (and never will). 


  • 1.0: Initial version with navigate, open, create, delete, rename, copy, paste, send. English and German localization.
  • 1.1: Added move* to copy & paste, implemented content scheme to support system-wide viewing of zip files (integration with email).
  • 1.2: Removed critical flaws in move (unconfirmed overwrite/deletion) and copy (crash failure) when clipboard contents contain parent elements of paste destination. Improved German localization. Removed layout glitch in create folder dialog. Improved handling of changes to clipboard contents.
  • 1.3: Added search with search history and voice search integration, implemented workaround for bug in FastScroller on Tattoo.
  • 1.4: Added shadow to button and application icons to improve visibility on white backgrounds. Fixed bug in open action (dialog leak when screen is rotated after selecting mime type). Support opening files directly from search result list. Nicer layout of result search screen.
  • 1.5: Fixed bug when searching from search screen. Implemented inversion of image button icon colors*. Added thumbnail preview for images. Updated unknown file type icon to avoid confusion with folder icon*. Auto-scroll list according to last action to reduce the amount of scrolling when browsing through folders.
  • 1.6: Fixed race condition in image loader thread (received as bug report). Added support for SD card install on Android 2.2. Removed left over log statement in auto scroll code.
  • 1.7: Added user setting to differentiate between long and short presses of back button to enable use of back button for navigation (i.e. go to parent folder)*. 
  • 1.8: Modified behavior of back button* (pressing back in root folder will exit, long press delay reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds). Added configurable font size* to all list views and status text views. Replaced checkbox with custom widget to allow selection via icon. Added optional summary view to display files and folders in a grid if modification date and size shall not be displayed.
  • 1.9: Added support for different window modes (fullscreen, titleless, normal), added support for different themes (light, dark, wallpaper - only android > 2.0), added configurable fast scrollers.
  • 2.0: Bugfix in text field handling when using non-standard keyboards such as Swype*, changed font face for names to "bold", added configurable font colors*.
  • 2.1: Bugfix in service binding to fix race when rotating screen.
  • 2.2: Added support for file and folder selection intents to integrate as file dialog for other applications such as Dropbox and Keepass Droid.
  • 2.3: Added additional preference to change icon colors. Changed status bar font style from normal to bold to improve readability on small screens.
  • 2.4: Added Russian translation provided by Igor. Bugfixes in English localization due to Igor's comments.
  • 2.5: Added more colors for fonts and icons.
  • 2.6: Improved Russian translation by Igor (download the legacy version here)
  • 2.7: Improved UI with action bar.
  • 2.8: Force media scanner update on clicking refresh to reflect changes on MTP service.
* These features and improvements have been suggested by users or have been added in response to user comments. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.